DrupalCamp Sydney 2014

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Fishburners Ultimo, Sydney

1st–2nd November 2014

Thank you to everyone who attended. See you next time!


Sydney Drupal camp is a two-day event aimed at bringing Drupal enthusiasts together to share knowledge, network, and most of all have fun!


1-2 Nov 2014


Level 1
608 Harris St
Ultimo NSW 2007



We are keeping the cost of the event to a minimum for participants. Tickets cost $15 (excluding GST and Eventbrite cost) per day. A ticket includes:

  • Entry to the event
  • Drinks and snacks throughout the day
  • Wifi at the venue
  • Lunch
  • (Saturday only) at least one drink at the bar on Saturday night.



The schedule can be found here: http://bit.ly/1wdXMxR

Note that Sunday morning is dedicated to exploring Drupal 8, which is now in beta release. Whether you're a developer, site builder, themer or strategist, it's time to get to know Drupal 8!

Sunday afternoon will feature talks as well as time for casual sessions BOFs, and Justin Randall from Acquia will be leading a sprint.



High Density PHP

Justin will give a high level overview of how Acquia does high-density PHP for Drupal, providing both complete isolation and large site numbers on a single web server. Then will answer questions, delve in to more details based on the audience.

Justin Randell

Wrangling the Message Stack

The message stack is a tool to log and display system events, for instance tracking changes to an entity. It also comes with Notify and Subscribe functionality. In this presentation we'll have a look under the covers to explore the possibilities.

Anton Baggerman

Decoupled Drupal with RabbitMQ

One way to scale things like long running processes or inter-site communications is to use a message broker. I will show you how to get going with RabbitMQ and some useful PHP/Drupal tools that can be leveraged for problems such as content syncing to an arbitrary number of Drupal sites or asynchronous management of long running processes where robustness and scalability is paramount.

Boris Gordon

Developer love

Things that makes our day, saves mountains of time, reduces errors and saves our sanity.

Tine Sørensen


Client vs Site Builder

Site builders love it when Drupal is a machine, acting on clean data structures. Clients often just want to put great looking content on a page wherever they want. Sometimes this works out well but other times things can get tricky. There are a number of possible solutions available to the site builder including more flexible data models, Panelizer and a relatively new module called Paragraphs. We will operate a role playing session where the Client makes increasingly difficult demands on the Site Builder, with different strategies being deployed. The end result will show how Clients can get the sexy pages they want, with the Site Builder staying sane.

This talk will be be 30mins as there will be a fair amount of demonstration involved.Murray Woodman Ivan Zugec


OSSEC Intrusion Detection and Response

There is nothing worse than discovering you're late to the party, and that party is a compromised server or application.

OSSEC is an 'open source intrusion detection system', capable of analysing your server and its logs for any sort of attack, modification, compromise, or anything 'out of the ordinary'.

In addition, it is capable of alerting as well as automatically responding to attacks (e.g firewall blocking, etc).

Given Drupal can (and should!) log to syslog as opposed to the database, you can use OSSEC to detect and respond to attacks against your Drupal application, be it brute-force login attempts or even the recent nasty SA-CORE-2014-005.

More significantly, OSSEC immediately puts your finger on the pulse of everything that's happening on all your servers in real time, as well as via historical analysis for audit trails.

This talk will provide an overview of OSSEC and its features, examples specific to Drupal, and a demonstration of an Elasticsearch/Logstash/Kibana web UI to visualise the data OSSEC generates.

Miguel Jacq (mig5)


Double J - building an editing workflow

This presentation will cover the following:

  • content creation forms
  • scald custom plugins
  • services api customisatio


James Gollan Yusuf Hasan Miyanc


The camp will be relatively unstructured. If you would like to present, the presentation area is available for short, 15-minute talks. Lightning talks are also welcome. We will sort out the running order on the day.

Whatever your Drupal interest, you're sure to find some collaborators.

You make the camp

If you have any cool ideas for the camp then please be sure to contact us. You might like to:


BOF stands for Birds of the Feather, which are informal gatherings of like-minded individuals who wish to discuss a certain topic without a pre-planned agenda. You can organize a BOF on the day or if you have one already in mind just fill out the form.


It is short informal presentation (no longer than 5 minutes) that can be organized on the day.

Whom is this for?

It is open to old hands and newcomers alike. Drupal people love helping others and sharing knowledge. For those learning there will be helpers and mentors on hand to answer your questions. If you are evaluating Drupal and want to check out the community it is also for you. We'll be happy to talk through what you want to get out of Drupal... and what you can give back too :)

Not for profit

This event is not intended to generate a profit. Any incidental profit will be incorporated back to Linux Australia Inc (our legal entity) who will help to fund future events like this one.

What to bring

  • A laptop and power cord
  • Your fave coffee cup

Organisers and volunteers



This Little Duck


  Catalyst – Open Source Technologies